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Correspondence of the Lyttelton Family

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Correspondence of the Lyttelton Family
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ff. i + 44.
Half leather binding, brown, with marbled boards.
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Correspondence of the Lyttelton family. c. 1737. See MSS/0142, MSS/0215 for further correspondence and MSS/0151 for an account of the family by the Rev. Charles Lyttelton, PSA. As follows:-

(1) Sir Henry Sydney to Sir John Lyttelton (d. 1591), two letters (signed) conc. a dispute relating to copyhold lands, 1, 21 June 1580. fols. 3-6v;-

(2) Thomas Lyttelton, 1st Bt., letters relating to legal matters, n.d. fols. 7-9;-

(3) Meriel Lyttelton, widow of John Lyttelton (d. 1601), to Mr Puleston conc. 'that barbarus knight Cornwall' (see also MSS/0215), n.d. fols. 10-11v;-

(4) Letter to the Bishop of Worcester on behalf of Mr D--, minister of Hales, n.d. fol. 12;-

(5) Meriel Lyttelton, letters mostly to relations, including Edward Littleton (afterwards Lord Keeper), husband of her daughter Anne, relating to debts, legal matters, etc., 1603, 1604, n.d. This group 'perused' by the Rev. Charles Lyttelton, 1 August 1741 (note, fol. 15v). fols. 13-19;-

(6) William Mather to Meriel Lyttelton and reply, conc. her son's right to seizure of goods of felons, 21st June, n.d., 1608. fols. 20, 21;-

(7) Lord Falkland to Sir Thomas Lyttelton saying that the king was confident that the well affected would support his cause, 20 July 1642. fols. 22-3v;-

(8) Instructions from Charles I at York, with sign manual, for Sir Thomas Lyttelton to be prepared to attend him when summoned, 25 June 1642. fol. 24;-

(9) Sir Thomas Lyttelton to Lord --, relating to the king's commission, 1642 (cf. Sotheby's sale, 12 Dec. 1978, lot 44). fol. 25;-

(10) Sir Thomas Lyttelton to Basil, Viscount Feilding (2nd Earl of Denbigh 1643), Ambassador at Venice (1634-9). fols. 27-8v;-

(11) Resolutions conc. Sir Thomas Lyttelton's appointment as Colonel of the Worcs. Trained Bands, 1642. fol. 29;-

(12) Sir Thomas Lyttelton, letter to Lord -- conc. his commission to raise a regiment, 1642. fol. 30;-

(13) Sir Henry Herbert to Sir Thomas Lyttelton, two letters relating to the same, 28, 31 July 1642. fols. 31-4v;-

(14) Francis, 1st Baron Dunsmore, to the same relating to the same, 14 Aug. 1642. fol. 35;-

(15) Charles I, instructions for Prince Charles and Commissioners of Array in Worcs., 22 June 1642. fol. 36;-

(16) Thomas Jolly to Sir Thomas Lyttelton conc. taxes, 4 Oct. 1647. fols. 37-8v;-

(17) Account of the powder explosion at Cornet Castle, Guernsey, on 29 Dec. 1672, and the death of Lord Hatton's wife and mother, 2 Jan. 1672/3. fol. 39;-

(18) Sir Joseph Williamson, Sec. of State, copy of a letter to Sir William Lockhart, Ambassador in France, on behalf of Mrs Lyttelton (widow of ?Ferdinando Lyttelton, killed in battle near Strasburg), 1675. fol. 40;-

(19) Charles Lyttelton to his father, Sir Charles Lyttelton, 3rd Bt., from Paris, mentioning the Court of St Germain's, the 'young king' (the old pretender) and the king of France (Louis XIV), 27 Sept. 1701. fols. 41-2v;-

(20) Christian Lyttelton to her husband, Sir Thomas Lyttelton, 4th Bt., c. 1737. fols. 43-4.
Lyttelton family, Viscounts Cobham
Lyttelton, Thomas (1596-1650), 1st Baronet, Royalist
Charles I (1600-1649), King of Great Britain and Ireland
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Archival history
Note of contents by the Rev. Charles Lyttelton, PSA, 19 Apr. 1760, saying that he had transcribed them into a quarto volume, fol. 1 (at Hagley, see HMC Second Report. Appendix (1871), 36). Minute Book XI, 12 Jan. 1769, p. 6.