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Italy; consecration crosses; mosaics; Persian tiles; Sweden; Vatican collections; Avebury, Devizes; 'Rome Jan. 1884’

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Italy; consecration crosses; mosaics; Persian tiles; Sweden; Vatican collections; Avebury, Devizes; 'Rome Jan. 1884’
c 1884
Level of description
Extent and format
1 volume
Small black leather bound notebook (“J. Henry Middleton [14] – 709/7”)
Scope and content
Pencil sketches, some with watercolour paint, of domestic and church architecture.

Some drawings include measurements and additional notes, written in English, Latin, Greek and Persian.

Index provided by Middleton (front of notebook) has been expanded to include more detail. The index does not list page numbers despite pages being individually numbered.

Notebook includes notes (primarily) and/or drawings of:
Rhodian vase, end of 16th century (“SKM”)
Farewell poem from “The Fair Maid of Perth” by Sir Walter Scott
Italian mantle-piece in Pietra Serena, 16th century (“SKM”)
Object from National Gallery
Carthusian plans: Certosa of Pavia, monk’s house (“see nb 18, p.102 plan of Chartreuse at Ghent”); the Certosa near Florence, cometary in Cloister (“similar arrangement at Mount Grace in Yorkshire”)
Church of S. Giovanni Evangelista, Ravenna, early altar in crypt (ca. 444)
Altars in Italy
Consecration crosses in Italy
Phoenician mosaics, Renan’s Mission de Phénicia [archaeological excavations in Syria and Lebanon, 1860-1]
Mosaics from Italy
“Vet. Mon. Vol. 6 p14 – Mural Dec. in England”
Texier and Pillan Byzantine Architecture p40 and plates
Roman mosaic drawings in SKM
D. Wyatt mosaics
SKM Persian tiles for walls
Spanish wall tiles – “Murphy Anal. Antiq. of Spain”
Swedish church paintings and architecture
Magna Grecian tomb, c. 200 BC
Avebury church wilts
Devizes Museum (“prehistory pottery, bronze age – see Hoare’s ancient Wiltshire”)
Gold ornaments from Barrows (“cf. Nbk.17 p.2 Scot Celtic objects”)
Stall/pew in Bishop’s Canning Church, Wiltshire
Miscellaneous gate and churches in Rome (January 1884)
Museo Gregoriano, Vatican, Greek vases, ceramics
Capitol Museum pottery
S[an] Pietro in Montorio, Rome (“tomb of 1317”)
Tomb of Cecilia Metella (“40-30 BC”)
Miscellaneous Roman sites: Temple of Vesta, Roman Forum, Coliseum/Colosseum, Palatine Hill
Villa Farnesina, “by Bald[assare] Peruzzi – 150 b”), Rome
S. Cosimato in Trastevere, Rome
Inventory of Castellani Coll[ection]
Miscellaneous churches in Rome
Pal. della Cancelleria
Church of S. Balbina
Church of S.Urbano (“between Via Apia and Latina”)
Different building stones used in Rome

Numbered 5 by Middleton.
Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896), archaeologist and antiquary
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MS 709