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Tewkesbury, Mount Grace, Peterborough, Fifehead Neville, Dorset etc.

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Tewkesbury, Mount Grace, Peterborough, Fifehead Neville, Dorset etc.
Level of description
Extent and format
1 volume
Small black leather bound notebook (“J. Henry Middleton [10] – 709/5”)
Scope and content
Pencil and ink drawings, some with watercolour paint, of church architecture and miscellaneous objects.

Some drawings include measurements and additional notes, written in English and Latin.

No index written by Middleton, but notebook includes drawings and/or -notes of:
Anderson’s Scotland in early Christian times, Douglas, Edinburgh (’81)
Coptic church, Old Cairo
S. Mary’s de Crypt
Canopy of S. Eleanor, Westham Abbey
Tewksbury Abbey
St Michael’s, Michel Dean, paintings over screen and notes
Abenhall Church, Gloucest.
Church of the B.V.M. Berkeley
Little Dean Church (Aug. 19, 81)
Flaxley Abbey, Gloucest. (Aug. 19, 81)
Wollston Church [also known as St. Margaret’s Wolston]
Cheltenham Church
St. Bartholomew, Churchdown Church, Gloucest.
Shurdington Chapel
Two bronze ewer, 16th century Italy
Cistercian Monasteries at Rievalux (Aug. 29, 81)
Monastic buildings, Byland
Mount Grace Carthusian priory, York
Chapel of the Hospital, Ripon
Fountain’s Abbey
Kirkstall Abbey
Peterborough Cathedral
Benedictine Abbey, Peterborough (Sept. 3, 1881)
Peterborough Abbey (Sept. 3, 1881)
Sundial, Kirkdale, York
Silver-gilded chalices, pyx, thruible and incense ship [some are labeled being from Lisbon Academy of Fine Arts, others are not]
Engraved brass tabernacle door
Several objects (silver-gilded, silver, pax-copper gilded silver, marble busts, lavatory, chimney piece, alter piece, terra cotta relief) listed in relation to S.K.M. with or without a price and original artist (including Rovezzano, Donatello, Michel Angelo, Savonarola, Matteo Civitali, Luca della Robbia)
Wrot iron pricked, South Kensington Museum
Earthenware wine jar from 14th century Mosque
Notes on the apostles
Wimborne Minster
Architecture and objects from Roman villa, Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Salisbury Cathedral
St. John’s College Library, Ox.
Collegiate Church, Ashford, Kent
Brabourne Church and cemetery, Kent
Smeeth Church, Kent
Brook Church, Kent
Aldington Church of St. Martin, Ashford
Ashburnham House
“Selection of stalls”

Started from the back of the notebook then changes direction twice in the later third of notebook.

Numbered 13 by Middleton.
Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896), archaeologist and antiquary
Previous reference number(s)
MS 709