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Sketchbook of Cairo, Egypt

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Sketchbook of Cairo, Egypt
Level of description
Extent and format
1 volume
Mid-sized black notebook with black leather spine (“J. Henry Middleton [15] 709/4”)
Scope and content
Pencil sketches, some with watercolour paint, of religious architecture and miscellaneous décor, ethnographic portraits and scenes from Cairo.

Some drawings include measurements and additional notes, written in English and Coptic.

No index written by Middleton, but Images are individually numbered. Notebook includes drawings and/or -notes of:
Tiles from the Mosque of Ibrahim Agha, Cairo [also known as Blue Mosque and Aqsunqur Mosque]
View of Coptic convent of Abou Sepheen, Old Cairo
View of First and Second Pyramids [also known as Pyramid of Khufu and Pyramid of Khafre]
View of Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Cairo [also known as Al-Hussein Mosque] from the Citadel
View of Kaitbey Mosque and Cairo
Mosque of Jeyn-el-Abridin – Ibn-el-Imaum-el Husseyn, near Old Cairo
View near the aqueduct, Cairo (Jan 19 1881)
View of Tomb-Mosque of Sultan Barkûk, Cairo [also known as Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Barquq and Mosque-Madrasa-Khansaheb of Az-Zaharia Barquq]
View of 2nd Pyramid (Jan 27 1881) [also known as Pyramid of Kahfre]
View of Mokattam Hills from Old Cairo – Coptic Church of Dayr El Babloun [also known as Church of the Holy Virgin, Babylon El-Darag], Coptic Church of Theodorus, and Coptic Church of St. Johanna (“John”)
View of Roman fortress of “Babylon”, Old Cairo (“now a Coptic Dayr”)
View of Cairo from the Tombs of the Kaliphs (Jan 31)
View of the Tombs of the Kaliphs
Church and crypt of Abou Sergeh, Old Cairo (“S.S. Cyclops, Mediterranean, at sea Feb 22 1881 and Feb 27 1881”)
Portraits from and near Cairo
Scenes from and near Cairo
Church interior objects (chriomatory, book holders, key, lamp, candelabrum)
Rhodian section
Hanging glass lamp

Letter, tipped in, from Middleton’s widow, 10 Aug. 1896, donating pamphlets.

Numbered 15 by Middleton.
Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896), archaeologist and antiquary
Previous reference number(s)
MS 709