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Winchcombe, Bredon, Oxford, Deerhurst, Fifehead Neville, Dorset

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Winchcombe, Bredon, Oxford, Deerhurst, Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Level of description
Extent and format
1 volume
Small black leather bound notebook (“J. Henry Middleton [11] – 709/3”)
Scope and content
Pencil sketches, some with watercolour paint and pasted images, of church and domestic architecture, flowers, and miscellaneous décor.

Some drawings include measurements and additional notes, written in English, Latin, Coptic and Greek.

No index written by Middleton, but notebook includes drawings and/or -notes of:
Deerhurst Church
St Peter’s Church Winchbome (July 17 1879)
St Giles Church, Bredon (July 19)
18th century mantelpiece at Beckford Hall
Stanley St. Leonard Church
Sketch of Cleeve Church pasted over wall frescoes at Stanley St. Leonard
Extensive notes on the architecture at University of Oxford (churches, colleges, Radcliffe library, theatre, Ashmolean Museum,
19 Royal Parade (Sept ‘79)
Henry 7’s Chapel, Westminster
Richmond Chapel
St. Catherine
Henry 7’s Tomb
Canon’s House, Westminster
Notes on lead paint colours
Leckhampton Church
Candlestick holder from Hotel Cluny
Coberley Church [Gloucestershire]
Notes on “soe for Protection of Ancient Buildings”
Notes on Naples and Pompeii
Inventory of Bagworth Church
Inventory of the parish church of All Saint
Inventory of Downe Hatherley church
Inventory of St Andrews Church, Gloucester
House in Chichester by architect Sir Christoper Wren
Chapel of the Pyx, Westminster (April 9 1880)
Bettws Church (‘with H.A.P.”) (July 27 1880)
Church of [St. Andrew] Clifton Campville
Dunsfold Church
Broadwater Church, Sussex (Sept 9 1880)
Sompting Church, Sussex
St Nicholas [Church], Old Shoreham
Boxgrove Priory, Sussex
St Mary’s, New Shoreham, Sussex
Forthampton Church
Church of Abou Sepheen, Cairo (Dec 16 1880)
Crypt of Abou Sergeh, Old Cairo
Michaeldean Church of St. Michael/Abenhall Church (Gloucestershire)
Roman Villas in Verlandes field at Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Churches in Kasr-es-Shemmah (Babylon, Old Cairo)
Lechlade Church
Inglesham Church
Several notes, spending reports and drawings related to architecture and design projects
Notes on roll and shot numbers
Notes on word definitions, book annotations, and translations

Numbered '12' by Middleton.
Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896), archaeologist and antiquary
Previous reference number(s)
MS 709