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Maiden Bradley-Monkton Farley, and Leigh Delamere

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Maiden Bradley-Monkton Farley, and Leigh Delamere
13th century -1852
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1 volume
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Maiden Bradley-Monkton Farley, and Leigh Delamere (fols.51-end) (ff.114). Includes:- Alehouse licence in Maiden Bradley, 1624, fol.1v, and pencil drawing, annotated 'a recollection' 'C/B', 1820, fol.5v; warrant, signed by seven arbitrators for the restoration of the parsonage of Manningford Abbott to Thomas Clarke, clerk, 1660, fol.9; an anti-Bonaparte song, The Marbro' Landlords' Intention, by Mr Fox (sung at convivial societies in the west of England), fol.23; grant of land in Marston, 13th century, fol.24; release of actions by Edward Somerset of Martyn, 1561, fol.25; release of actions by Sampson Baldwin of Melksham, 1624, fol.29v; alehouse licence relating to Boreham in Milton Lilbourne, 1628, fol.41; Leigh Delamere: deacon's orders, 1636, of Philip Kingsman, and Bishops court decision relating to his estate, 1675, fol.57v-8; portions of court rolls relating to the manors of Kington and Somerford, and Leigh Delamere, 16th-17th century, fols.60-3; court of survey of Leigh Delamere manor, after 1679, fol.64, rental, 1680, fol.63, agreement to lease of a moiety, 1688, fol.63v; numerous drawings and plans, mostly of the old church at Leigh Delamere, including a w/col by Jackson of Leigh Delamere 'when I first saw it', 1846, fol.53, and of the old rectory, 1845 and later, fols.81v-108v; view through Jackson's study window, 1852, fol.105v.
Jackson, John Edward (1805-1891), Anglican clergyman, antiquary and librarian to Lord Bath
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