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Habington's Survey of Worcestershire

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Habington's Survey of Worcestershire
17th-18th century
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Extent and format
ff. vi + 430; ii + 426; iii + 365; ii + 350.
Reversed calf binding. Note, 19 Oct. 1752, by the Rev. Charles Lyttelton, I, fol. iii, and his bookplate in each volume.
Scope and content
Contents include disconnected sheets of Habington's autograph drafts, transcripts by the 'Redmarley scribe' (Amphlett, I (1895), 23-4); and later additions including much conc. the Lyttelton family added by the Rev. Charles Lyttelton under Frankley, etc. With some correspondence (Habington with his cousin Thomas Hall, 1641, Vol. II, fols. 290-1v (Amphlett, I (1895), 17-18); Richard Lechmere to Habington, II, fols. 358-9v; J. Tristram to Lyttelton, 1736, I, fols. 115-18v; Lyttelton with the Rev. Francis Wise, 1756, III, fols. 53-6; Dr William Thomas to Lyttelton, 1736, IV, fol. 152; Penyston Hastings to ?Dr William Thomas, 1732, II, fol. 4). Habington's autograph address to the gentry of Worcestershire and table of his two volumes (printed by Amphlett, I (1895), 27-32, 34-5), I, fols. 8-11v. Descriptive Latin title 'Wigornensis Comitatus Iconismus..', I, fol. iv, and note of sources to be searched 'In relation to yr designe on Worcestreshire.', I, fol. v. Habington's autograph material in HAB/01, and copies thought from their style to be approved by him, are published by Amphlett, II (1899), 1-323.
Habington, Thomas (1560-1647), antiquary
Lyttelton, Charles (1714-1768), Bishop of Carlisle, antiquary
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Arranged by parishes (A-C; D-H; I-P; R-Y).