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Panel Painting Henry VIII (framed)

Object number
Unknown artist
- Workshop
Production date
Mid 16th century
Oil Paint
Oil on panel
Height: 400mm
Width: 285mm
Height (of frame): 530mm
Width (of frame): 415mm
Burlington House - (on display)
    This is the later of the Society's two portraits of Henry VIII, both of which are based on the 'late non-Holbein pattern', a portrait type created slightly before Holbein's more famous image of the King which was painted for Whitehall Palace in 1537. This painting dates from the 1540s and shows Henry at a more advanced age and in his last years. He wears a similar costume to LDSAL333 Henry VIII (green) consisting of a doublet (here fur-lined), a large fur collar and a feathered hat. As in other 'late non-Holbein pattern' portraits, the King is painted with his hands resting on a velvet cushion. Despite the visual similarities, the Society's portraits were executed by different artists.