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Panel Painting Portrait of Henry VII

Object number
Unknown artist
Production date
Circa 1500
Oil Paint
Oil On Panel
Painting and Painting Techniques
height: 380mm
width: 245mm
Height (Of Frame): 460mm
Width (Of Frame): 330mm
Depth (Of Frame): 32mm
Burlington House - (on display)
    Tree ring dating shows that the panel was cut from a single vertical oak board, that came from a tree felled in the eastern Baltic region of Europe between 1500-1516, meaning that it is likely that this portrait of Henry VII (r. 1485-1509) was painted during the king's lifetime.
    At the top of the panel, above the head of the king is a gilded fictive cusped arch, which appears in other early sixteenth-century versions of the same image. The gilded arch in the Society's portrait, occurring as it does on one of the earliest examples of this portrait type, probably represents the motif in its least adulterated form.