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Panel Painting Henry V

Object number
Unknown artist - Artist
Unknown artist - Workshop
Production date
16th century
Oil Paint
Oil on panel
Height: 559mm
Width: 432mm
Height (of frame): 698mm
Width (of frame): 571mm
Burlington House - (on display)
    This posthumous portrait of Henry V (r. 1413-22) showing him in profile, is of a standard type, many versions of which were produced in the sixteenth century.
    Henry V wears a sleeveless velvet heuque (open-sided cloak) edged with fur and, beneath this, a brocaded cloth-of-gold doublet. The heavy gold collar worn over his cloak is composed of cabochon (rounded) jewels and pairs of pearls enclosed within gilded foliage. The king is shown with distinctively shaven hair, exposing the neck and ears. Fashionable for men in the first half of the fifteenth century, this was the style actually adopted by the king, as confirmed by contemporary depictions of him in manuscript illumination.