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Pococke, Richard, Rev Dr - Attributed To

Production date

Circa 1755




Writing (Processes)


Height: 220mm
Width: 185mm


Inscription content

A drawing of a bracelet of fine gold given by Dr Pococke.

It is very thin, viz two inches five eighths in length and three inches in diameter; it is somewhat less in the middle than at each end.

It was found above thirty years agoe [sic] in the County of Waterford near Whitfiella the seat of William Christmas Esq.

Near a church called Lisnekil there was a heap of stones, & a stone set upright: when they were moving the stones for building, they came to a small cavity, in which they found this bracelet, & a small urn about six inches high, and four broad at the mouth; with bones & ashes in it.


Reference (free text)

Michael Herity, 'Early Finds of Irish Antiquities from the Minute-Books of the Society of Antiquaries of London', Antiquaries Journal 49 (1969): 1-21. See especially p.10. Illustration, fig. a, pl. X, between pp. 16 and 17.
    The item is a sheet of handwritten notes about a gold bracelet from Co. Waterford, probably written by Dr Pococke. It accompanies a drawing of the bracelet (Primeval Antiquities 29.2). The notes describe the discovery of the bracelet in what seems to have been a cist or chambered tomb of the early Bronze Age in Co. Waterford.