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Drawings Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Snape, Suffolk

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Davidson, Septimus - Attributed To

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Painting (Image-Making)


Height: 382mm
Width: 556mm


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Drawing of a Boat discovered on Snape Common, Suffolk.
Proc. N.S. 177

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No. 1. Vertical section of mound clearing the boat in its length.
No. 2. Horizontal section of mound shewing [sic] interior of boat
No. 3. Vertical section of mound clearing the boat crosswise.

Sketch of rivet which like the rest is 3 inches in length

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Scale of feet.
In the drawing ¼ inch = 1 foot in real mound.
In the real mound the boat is 48 feet in length, 9 feet 9 inches across and 4 feet deep.
In the rows of rivets 7 are included within the distance of 3 feet; the rows are 6 in number in either side and 4 or 5 in number at the bottom of the boat; at the sides the rivets lie horizontally, at the base they rest vertically on the sand; all the rows terminate in two rivets lying parallel with each other, the one at the stem the other at the stern.
(description of disposition of rivets follows)

Inscription content

Drawing of a boat discovered on Snape Common
Proc. N.S. Vol. II.

Proc NS Vol. 2, p 177


Reference (free text)

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London2nd series 2 (1861-1864): 177-8.

Reference (free text)

'Proceedings at Meetings of the Archaeological Institute', Archaeological Journal 20 (1863): 188-91.

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Reference (free text)

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