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Drawings Bronze Age gold torque, and Irish arrowheads

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Production date

Circa 1756






Height: 511mm
Width: 438mm


Inscription content

A Drawing of the Golden Torques found at Harlech in Merionethshire A.D. 1692 Now in the Possession of Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn in Flintshire, Bart. It is the same as that described in Cambden, vol 2, p. 786.

Inscription content

The five smaller figures are the Heads of Arrows made of Flint collected in different Parts of Ireland. They are found most frequently near the circular encampments so common in that Kingdom, and are called by the Vulgar Irish Elf shots, supposing them to be the [illegible] of Elves and Fairies. For a further account, vide Woodward's Method of Fossils, p. 37. part 2.
Shewn [sic] to the S.A.L. 13th May 1756.


Reference (free text)

William Camden, Britannia: or, a Chorographical Description of Great Britain and Ireland, Together with the Adjacent Islands 4th ed. 2 vols. (London, 1772), 2: 48. 'In the year 1692, an ancient gold torques was dug up in a garden near this castle of Harlech; it is a wreathed bar of gold (or rather, perhaps, three or four rods jointly twisted) about four feet long...'