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Drawings FAVERSHAM (Kent): Church of St Mary of Charity

Object number



Fisher, Thomas - Artist

Production date

19th century






Height: 540mm
Width: 375mm


Inscription content

Faversham Church, Kent

Inscription content

Grave-Stone in the South Transcept
Scale, one Inch to a Foot.

Scale, 6 Inches to a Foot

Inscription content

Grave Stone in the North Transcept.

Scale, One Inch to a Foot.

Scale, 6 Inches to a Foot.

Inscription content

Brass plate inserted in a Stone in the South Transcept to which it does not belong.

Scale, 4 Inches to a Foot


Reference (free text)

'Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries', Antiquaries Journal 22 (1942): 242. Thomas Fisher is erroneously referred to as Thomas Foster in this reference.

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