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Object number
Production date
275 BC - 270 BC
Production place
Rome (province)
Copper Alloy
Diameter: 24mm
Weight: 22g
Burlington House -
    Roman republican copper-alloy coins (275-270 BC)
    Italy (exact provenance unknown)
    Donated on 28th November 1889 by William John Belt Esq MA FSA

    This large copper-alloy (bronze) disc is one of the oldest coins in the Society’s collection. Known to antiquarians as an ‘aes grave’ (heavy bronze), this coin was cast rather than struck and is made from copper-alloy (bronze). It belonged to the collection of W.J. Belt FSA, a keen antiquarian with interests in Roman and English Antiquities. Belt practiced as a ‘Barrister at law’ and lived for a number of years in Italy; it is likely he collected coins whilst there.

    Like many collectors of this time, Belt was clearly knowledgeable about his personal collection and produced a small handwritten catalogue of the coins according to numismatic standards of the time. This he left to the Society with the coins.