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Notes and extracts concerning Monmouthshire by Charles Octavius Morgan, FSA

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Notes and extracts concerning Monmouthshire by Charles Octavius Morgan, FSA
18th-19th century
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Paper; ff. ii + 39.
Vellum binding.
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Miscellaneous notes and extracts concerning Monmouthshire; 18-19th century. Contents:-

(1) 'Mr Crofts Estimate of the Tythes of the parish of Llanthewy Vach', 1796. fols. 4v-5;-

(2) Extract from the statute of 27 Henry VIII, cap. 26, relating to the formation of the Lordship Marches into counties, fol. 6;-

(3) 'List of manors and Lordships in Monmouthshire with the present Lords', 1809. fols. 6v-17;-

(4) Notes on bitumen, pitcoal, etc. fol. 18;-

(5) Extract from the Chepstow charter (see item 9) of Charles, Earl of Worcester, 2 Dec. 1524. fol. 19;-

(6) 'Monmouthshire Notes', conc. abbeys, priories, castles, etc. fols. 19v-23;-

(7) 'Of the Tyme and Place where the speech Court of the Forest or Chase of Wentwood is to be kept', 1668. With further extracts conc. the court. fols. 23v-8v;-

(8) Extracts including a copy of a Rangers warrant, 1664. fol. 29;-

(9) Copy of the charter of Chepstow, 2 Dec. 1524. fols. 29v-33v;-

(10) 'The Lords of Chepstow since the Conquest from an Old MS dated 1597'. fols. 34-8v;-

(11) Notes on various manors and owners in the hand of Octavius Morgan. fol. 39v.

Tipped onto fol. 34 an original receipt to William Compton of Alvington, Glos., for his contribution to a feudal aid for the knighting of Prince Henry, 19 Oct. 1609. At fols. 1-4 examples of mathematical problems conc. interest.
Morgan, Charles Octavius Swinnerton (1803-1888), MP and antiquary
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Archival history
From the collections of Charles Octavius Morgan, FSA (fol. ii). Presented by Henry Salusbury Milman (with MOA/02).