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Correspondence and papers

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Correspondence and papers
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Nine files and two notebooks.
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Contents:- (1) Notebook, quarto, brown, conc. Morris and Iceland, 1927;- (2) Notebook, large octavo, black, containing working notes on Morris letters to the press, etc.;- (3) Typescript (ff. 37) of 'The Quarrel between William Morris and the Parliamentary Faction in the Socialist League, 1885-8, with three unpublished letters by Morris to Sarah Gostling..', (c. 1932), with other papers conc. the same; MacMinn's copies and notes of letters from Morris to Andreas Scheu, and a translation of several chapters of Umsturzkeime by the latter.
MacMinn, Ney Lannes (1894-1967), academic and writer
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