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Unmounted letters, signatures, illustrative and printed material

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Unmounted letters, signatures, illustrative and printed material
16th - 19th century
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Unmounted letters, signatures, illustrative and printed material. Six folders. As follows:-

(1) 16th-18th century. Includes:- Carlo Strozzi, condottiere in the Venetian service (als to his brother Alessandro, 1504). Italian; passport authorised by the Maréchal de Gramont, 1656; letter, Italian, annotated with a reference to Bertucci Valieri, Doge of Venice (d. 1658); George Chalmers (als to J. Stockdale, bookseller, 1791); verses, 'The merry Making at Widdington Parsonage' (at Christmas 1793), dated 17 Jan. 1794;-

(2) Late 18th-early 19th century. Mostly correspondence of the Clerke family. Includes:- Charles Clerke, circumnavigator (several alls to his sister, and others, including a transcript by A. Clerke of a letter, written shortly before his death on 22 August, to Sir Joseph Banks, 18 Aug. 1779, and of an account by Capt. Williamson of the funeral ceremony on 29 Aug. 1779), 1772-9, etc.; Sylvia Brathwaite, afterwards Parkhurst (a large number of letters to Lady Clerke on court society, politics, theatre (Mrs Siddons), literature (Vathek), much social gossip), late 18th century; Susannah Dobson (d. 1795), translator (two alls to Lady Clerke); (Sir) John Clerke (captain, RN, knighted 1772; als to his wife from Paris, 1768); Ch(arlotte) Lennox (2 alls to Lady Clerke, 1777, 1779); T. Winstanley (als on the loss of his son, 1770); Mrs S. Thornton (2 alls, 1792, n.d.);-

(3) 19th century. A large number of letters including:- Mrs Piozzi, bef. 1809; Viscount Cathcart, 1809; J. Clowes (translator of Swedenborg), 1813; Sir F. Robinson (2 alls to Sir Edmund Byng, Paris 13 Sept., 23 Dec. 1830, on the political situation after the July Revolution); William Cobbett, 1832; Edward Landseer, 1832; J. Linnell, 1840; John Martin, 1852; L. Kossuth, sending two articles, 1855; Robert Curzon, 1857; J. E. Denison, Speaker of the House of Commons (British Museum procedure regarding vacancies, 1868); Shirley Brooks, editor of Punch, 1871; Lord Derby (als to Miss Ponten in reply to a request for an autograph, 1872); Anthony Trollope, 1874; Sir Richard Burton (note of introduction, 1875); Sir Richard Westmacott (d. 1872); J. J. Conybeare, geologist; J. A. Froude, historian, mentions Carlyle; Sir Charles Eastlake, PRA; W. C. Macready, actor; H. Lytton Bulwer; firman, Arabic, written in India, 1872;-

(4) Letters to the Vincent and Trevilian families, 19th century. Including:- Edward Tayler (conc. restoration of miniatures, 1865-75); G. A. Storey, artist, 1875-9; John Ellitt Brogden (several alls to Lady Vincent mentioning her collection of autographs, the Lincoln Magna Carta, etc., 1862-73); u/i from Genoa to Sir Francis Vincent (an ironic letter mentioning the Baring family), incomplete, n.d. (mid 1820s); Robert Herbert (als to Lady Vincent, 1870, conc. the murder of Edward Herbert by brigands in Greece; Edward Herbert (b. 1837) was a grandson of the 2nd Earl of Carnarvon); Bernard Cracroft (als to Miss Vincent on collecting);-

(5) French, Italian and miscellaneous. Including:- Request for payment due after entry to office, 1479. Italian; Sophie Gay (Mrs Spriggs; novelist); Count Capo d'Istria, President of Greece, 1827; Camille Hyacinthe Odillon Barrot (royalist), 1832; Princesse de Carignan, 1819, 1820; Marie Dorval, 1839; Louis Lablache to Mme Cottrau; G. Donizetti to Mme Adelaide Cottrau;-

(6) Printed material, engravings, reproductions, press-cuttings. Including:- Photograph of Sir Frederic Madden; colour engraving of Mme Allan Dorval in costume; invitation to Mrs Cely-Trevilian to the Silver Fete to commemorate the silver wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales, 11-14 July 1888.

(1)-(6) are contained in a wooden box drawer.
Clerke, Charles (1741-1779), Captain RN, Second in Command to Captain Cook
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