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Collection of autograph and signed documents and letters, 1798-1820

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Collection of autograph and signed documents and letters, 1798-1820
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pp. 198
Half leather binding, green, with red lettering-pieces.
Scope and content

William, Lord Byron (with admission ticket to his trial for duelling, 1765, and a related printed broadside), p. 6;

Thomas Pennant (als, 1750), p. 8;

2 documents of the French Republique relating to Beaumarchais, p. 20;

George Allan of Darlington (als, 1791), p. 22;

William Cowper, poet (als to Samuel Rose, 1789), p. 26;

Mrs H. Chapone (als to Mrs H. More, 1795), p. 34;

Horatio, Lord Nelson (als, 1782, and left-handed signature, 1802), p. 58;

William Pitt the younger (als, 1796), and Charles James Fox (als to Selwyn), p. 66;

Isaac Reed, critic (description of marbles in Pope's grotto, 10 Sept. 1764), p. 80;

J. G. Wille (wash drawing of heads, 1762), p. 82;

Friedrich Grimm (als), p. 84;

the Hon. Charles Herbert (father of Lady Vincent, who volunteered to serve against the French in Spain and was drowned, 1808, in the Bay of Gijon, near Oviedo, while attempting to land; several alls and papers conc. his death), pp. 91-4;

Matthew Boulton (als to Selwyn, 1780, conc. a machine to copy writings), p. 100;

Richard Cumberland (als to S. Rose), p. 116;

Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, DD, Astronomer Royal (als, 1776), p. 118;

Henry Bunbury (als to Dalton offering parts in plays), p. 120;

Hon. Spencer Perceval (als, 1809), and Edmond Malone (2 alls, 1804, 1811), p. 124;

Chr. M. Wieland (als, 1782, to Dassdorf, librarian at Dresden), p. 130;

Charles Burney, Mus D (als to Samuel Rose, 1797, relating to a pipe made for experiments by Prof. Young), p. 136;

signature of Joseph I. Guillotin, p. 138;

livret of a French soldier killed at Waterloo, with a letter said to have been found with it, pp. 145-6;

Warren Hastings (including a ticket for the 126th day of his trial), pp. 169-72;

P. H. de Valenciennes (wash drawing of a beggarwoman), p. 182.

At the end copies of two newspapers: The World, 26 Dec. 1788; The Morning Herald, 1 May 1809.
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