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Collection of autograph and signed documents and letters, 1760-1778

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Collection of autograph and signed documents and letters, 1760-1778
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pp. 201
Half leather binding, green, with red lettering-pieces.
Scope and content
On the pastedown a poem on behalf of French savants in response to a request for autographs, signed 'N de H' (née de Langallerie), Anspach, 25 Dec. 1812.


George III, p. 2;

Queen Charlotte (als, 1802), and other royalty, pp. 3-7;

Louis XV, p. 15;

Louis XVI, p. 19;

Marie Antoinette, p. 21;

Stanislas I, King of Poland, p. 25;

Empress Maria Theresia and Francis I, pp. 28-9;

Catherine the Great (formal letter, Russian, signed, to George III announcing the marriage of her grandson, Alexander, 12 Oct. 1793), pp. 40-1;

George Selwyn (notes to him, card of Horace Walpole, list by Selwyn of things (gold, medals) found in M. du Deffand's box), p. 61;

Louis François Roubilliac, sculptor (als, 1758, to Selwyn), p. 75;

William Shenstone, poet (als, 1755), p. 83;

the Rev. Charles Lyttelton (2 alls, 1749, 1752, one to Selwyn), p. 107;

Carlo Frugoni (poem, Italian), p. 115;

Thomas Gray, poet (als, 1759), p. 139;

Henry Fox, 1st Lord Holland (2 alls, 1767, 1768, to Selwyn, one with an ode to Lady Sarah Bunbury in imitation of Horace), p. 159;

Oliver Goldsmith (als to Selwyn, 1771), p. 165;

David Hume (als to Selwyn), p. 179;

Marie Therese Geoffrin (als to Selwyn, 1764), p. 195.
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A detailed index to this collection exists on index cards in the Society of Antiquaries library.