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Collection of autograph and signed documents and letters, 1714-1760

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Collection of autograph and signed documents and letters, 1714-1760
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pp. 209
Half leather binding, green, with red lettering-pieces.
Scope and content

George I, p. 1;

Charles XII of Sweden, p. 3;

Louis XIV, p. 5;

his consort, Marie Therese of Austria, p. 7;

Mme de Maintenon (note) and Mme de Montespan (al), p. 9;

receipt conc. the South Sea Co., 1726, p. 27;

John, Duke of Marlborough (als to the Duchess), p. 43;

Rachel, Lady Russell (widow of Lord William Russell; als, after the death (1700) of the 1st Duke of Bedford), p. 51; bill for work done at Blenheim Palace, p. 59;

Duke of Newcastle, with verse in the hand of Horace Walpole, p. 67;

Admiral Sir Francis Hosier, and poem 'Britannia's Ghost in Imitation of Hosier's', p. 75;

J. Fabre (als, 1740, to George Selwyn), p. 123;

[...] Talbot (al, 1741, to Selwyn), p. 125;

John Hough, Bishop of Worcester (als, 1728), p. 133;

Nicholas Claggett, Bishop of St David's (als, 1738), p. 139;

Abbé Dupré (als, 1744, to Selwyn), p. 141;

Lord Balmerino (letters relating to his trial and execution, 1746, and conc. financial arrangements for his wife), pp. 149, 151;

Sir Thomas Hanmer (als, 1721) and Baron de Neumann (als, 1746, to George Selwyn), p. 153;

Rev. Philip Doddridge, DD (als, 1743), p. 177;

the Hon. Richard Leveson-Gower (als, 1751) and Comte de Rochefort (als, 1759), p. 179;

Henry, Earl of Drumlanrig (al, Dijon, 1743), p. 185;

George Vertue (note) and J. Henley 'Orator Henley' (als, 1744, to Selwyn), p. 191;

two small drawings found in Selwyn's papers, p. 194;

Earl Ferrers (with engraving of his execution, and als of Selwyn conc. his widow, 1760), p. 207;

Mme de Vaucluse (two alls, one to Selwyn), p. 209.
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