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Correspondence with WGN van der Sleen

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Correspondence with WGN van der Sleen
1955 - 1965
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Folder includes:
Note from Mrs van der Sleen stating that her husband’s collection of beads has been donated to the University of Amsterdam on his death.
Letter discussing bead discoveries behind the iron curtain. 21/10/1965. 1p.
Letter discussing his work on Zanzibar beads and enclosing 2 articles. 25/10/1955. 1p.
Article by WGN van der Sleen "The Beads of Zanzibar". 4pp.
Article by WGN van der Sleen "Zimbabwe and the Beads of Zanzibar". 2pp.
Letter on the topic of Trade-Wind beads and coins. 03/12/1955. 1p.
Letter on the topic of Trade-Wind beads. 15/11/1955. 1p.
Letter following GCT's visit, discussing the Johore beads, Kuala Selinsing beads and the Fayence annulars. 15/10/1956. 1p.
Letter describing his findings on the beads from India that GCT left with him. 09/11/1956. 1p.
Letter discussing the Johore beads. 28/11/1956. 1p.
Letter discussing the Sangiran, Fayum & Johore beads. 14/01/1957. 1p.
Letter discussing the Hadramauth finds, dating values, time ranges and African beads. 03/02/1957. 1p.
Letter discussing his recent trip to Italy and asking GCT for help in finding a publisher for one of his articles. 03/06/1957. 1p.
Letter thanking GCT for her help in arranging for Dr Huntingford to publish his article in the Journal. 18/07/1957. 1p.
Letter discussing his trip to Calcutta, Raipur & Allahabad. 22/12/1957. 3pp.
Letter referencing Harrison's work in the Niah Cave. 18/01/1958. 1p.
Letter discussing Indonesia. 22/07/1958. 1p.
Letter discussing beads found in Indonesia. 16/06/1958. 1p.
Letter describing his work on a glass factory working in Amsterdam between 1608 - 1680. 06/01/1961. 1p.
Letter containing a note on "red on green beads". 15/08/1961. 1p.
Letter discussing beads found in Benin. 01/12/1961. 1p.
Letter discussing Sofala. 13/12/1961. 1p.
Letter enclosing a copy of a letter van der Sleen was writing to Dr DB Harden of the London Museum, on his visit to Aquileya. October 1962. 3pp.
van der Sleen, Wicher Gosen Nicolaas (1886-1964), biologist, photographer and explorer