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Notes and correspondence

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Notes and correspondence
1955 - 1968
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1 folder
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Folder Includes:
Circa 50 notecards with notes on various locations in India, Malaysia, Philippines and Madagascar, including Ahichhatra, Bhitari, Andhra Levels, Taxila, Kuala Selinsing, Sarawak.
Letter from MWF Tweedie, Director of Raffles Museum, Singapore, relating to Malayan beads. 1p. 19/10/1955.
Letters from G de G Sieveking, Curator of Museums, Federation of Malaya, relating to Stone and Glass Beads from Malaya. 6pp. 21/11/1955 & 17/10/1955.
Report on beads from Quaritch - Wales, Kuala Selinsing and the Gardner Collection by Dr WGN van der Sleen. 4pp.1956.
Correspondence between GCT and "Squizzie" about the age of the Samathi Buddha at Anarhapuri, Sri Lanka. 03/07/1968 2pp. 18/06/1968 4pp. 11/07/1968 4pp.
Letter from unidentified correspondent in Sri Lanka (name illegible) relating to the Buddha Image and Zimbabwe. 05/07/1968. 2pp.
2 negatives of decorated shards from Manthai, Sri Lanka.
Envelope containing 4 colour transparencies of beads from Kuala Selinsing and Johore Lama.
Letter from GHR von Koenigswald sending a collection of beads from Central Java. 14/09/1955. 1p.
Letter from G de G Sieveking relating to an issue around beads being donated to a private collector. 04/01/1957. 1p.
Correspondence between GCT and GHS Bushnell, regarding missing beads. April 1961 - May 1961. 5pp.
Correspondence from HD Sankalia regarding beads found during excavations in India. Oct 1955 - Feb 1956. 2pp.
Letter from MWF Tweedie requesting the return of beads lent for research. 29/11/1956. 1p.
Correspondence from Tom and Barbara Harrison regarding beads found during excavations in Sarawak. August 1956 - July 1958. 9pp.
Harrisson, Barbara (1922-2015), art historian
Thompson, Gertrude Caton- (1888-1885), archaeologist
Tweedie, M W F
Sieveking, G de G
van der Sleen, Wicher Gosen Nicolaas (1886-1964), biologist, photographer and explorer
von Koenigswald, G H R
Bushnell, G H S
Sankalia, Hasmukh Dhirajlal (1908-1989), Sanskrit scholar and archaeologist
Harrisson, Tom