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Offprints and pamphlets - Folder 2 of 2
1908 - 1965
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Copy of an article"A Bead Factory in Amsterdam in the Seventeenth Century" by Dr WGN van der Sleen. 1963.
Copy of a paper "Les Collections Malgaches du Musee de Nimes (France)" by Dr WGN van der Sleen. 1960.
Copy of an article "Search for the Origin of the Zanaga Beads" by J Forneau. 1955.
Copy of a letter from The South African Archaeological Bulletin, 1955, of a letter from Dr WGN van der Sleen on the subject of "Zimbabwe Beads and Ribbed Ware"
Copy of an article "Nineteenth-Century Trade Beads in Tanganyika" by JR Harding. 1962.
Copy of an article "A Method of Bead Making in Ashanti" by GE Sinclair. 1939.
Copy of an article "Modern Koli Beads in Ghana" by Augustus Sordinas. 1964.
Copy of an article "Note on Two Trade Beads Found Inland in Tanganyika" by JR Harding. 1959.
Copy of an article "Some Glass Beads from the Malay Peninsula" by Alastair Lamb. 1965.
Copy of an article "De wetenschap van de asbelt" by Bob van Dijk.
Offprint of "A Preliminary Study of the Prehistoric Beads of the Northern Transvaal and Natal" by JF Schofield. 1938.
Copy of letters from MAN relating to conus shells in Southern Africa. 1963.
Offprint of "Artificial Eyes in Ancient Egypt" by A Lucas. 1934.
Copy of an article "Trade-Wind Beads" by Dr WGN van der Sleen. 1956.
Copy of an article "Trade-Wind BEads Once More" by Dr WGN van der Sleen. 1963.
Copy of an article "Monochrome Glass Beads from Malaysia and Elsewhere" by Tom Harrisson. 1964.
Offprint of "Les Grains d'Enfilage en Test d'Oeuf D'Autruche" by EG Gobert. 1938.
Offprint of "The Use of the Microscope in the Study of Ancient Beads" by Horace C Beck. 1934.
Offprint of "The Use of Nerita Shells in Early Times" by AJ Arkell.
Copy of a paper "European Amulets" by L Eckenstein. 1908.
Copy of MAN, July 1958, including a paper "Some Recent Archaeological Work on the Tanganyika Coast" by Dr GSP Freeman-Grenville.
Copy of MAN, November 1957.
Offprint of "Far Eastern Glass: Some Western Origins" by CG Seligman and HC Beck. 1938.
van der Sleen, Wicher Gosen Nicolaas (1886-1964), biologist, photographer and explorer
Forneau, J
Harding, J R
Sinclair, G E
Sordinas, Augustus
Lamb, Alastair
van Dijk, Bob
Schofield, J F
Lucas, A
Harrisson, Tom
Gobert, E G
Arkell, Anthony John
Eckenstein, L
Freeman-Grenville, G S P
Seligman, C G
English; French; Dutch