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Offprints and pamphlets - Folder 1 of 2
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Offprint of “L’Analisi Chimica Aiuta l’Archaeologia” by M Tornati & WGN van der Sleen. 1960. Italian.
Offprint of “Notes on Glazed Stones Part I - Glazed Steatite” by Horace C Beck 1934.
Offprint of “Notes on Glazed Stones Part II - Glazed Quartz” by Horace C Beck. 1935.
Copy of “A Handbook on Beads” by WGN van der Sleen. 1967.
Offprint of “Etched Carnelian Beads” by Horace C Beck. 1933.
Copy of the Proceedings and Transactions from the Rhodesia Scientific Association. 1936. Includes “A Commentary on Dr Laidler’s Article on Beads in Africa South of the Zambezi” by G Caton-Thompson.
Offprint of “Bead-Making in Seventeenth Century Amsterdam” by WGN van der Sleen. 1963.
Copy of the Union of South Africa, Archaeological Survey, Archaeological Series No IX. “The Glass Beads of Mapungubwe” by C van Riet Lowe. 1955.
A copy of MAN - A monthly Record of Anthropological Science. 1930. Includes “Notes on Sundry Asiatic Beads” by H C Beck.
Copy of the Proceedings of the Rhodesia Scientific Association Vol XXXIV 1934. “Beads in Africa South of the Zambezi” by PW Laidler.
Offprint of of “Royal Anthropological Institute Prehistoric Research Expedition to Kharga Oasis, Egypt. Preliminary Outline of the Season’s Work” by G Caton-Thompson. 1931.
Beck, Horace Courthope (1873-1941), archaeologist
Thompson, Gertrude Caton- (1888-1885), archaeologist
Tornati, M (fl. 1960)
van der Sleen, Wicher Gosen Nicolaas (1886-1964), biologist, photographer and explorer
van Riet Lowe, Clarence (1894-1956), civil engineer and archaeologist
Laidler, P W (fl. 1930s)
English; Italian