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Deeds etc., mostly relating to Newcastle

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Deeds etc., mostly relating to Newcastle
13th-18th century
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Extent and format
Mostly vellum; 45 deeds, etc.
Scope and content
Now numbered 1-44 (with 22*). As follows:-

Nos. 1-8. Deeds relating to the nunnery of St Bartholomew; 13th-15th century. See Brand, History, I (1789), 212, 213, 210 (for deeds 1, 3, 5);-

Nos. 9-12, 22-4, 29-39. Deeds relating to various properties in Newcastle and Gateshead; 13th century-1596;-

Nos. 13, 14, 16-19. Deeds, etc., relating to Kent and Sussex; 13th-16th century;-

Nos. 15 (Somerset) and 20 (Durham) are wrapped in paper annotated 'Curious old Deeds brought up with me from Newcastle upon Tyne, Feby: 1784';-

No. 21. Note conc. purchase of 'these MSS' by Archbishop Sharp (John Sharp, Archbishop of York 1691-1714) from the widow of James Torre, with fragments of a seal;-

No. 25. Agreement relating to the sale of lands in Hatfield, Herts., with the signature and seal of Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, 1612;-

No. 26. List of mayors and sheriffs of Newcastle, with a summary of historical events, 1314-1696 (imperfect). Arranged in columns, drawn and decorated in red and green ink. Three sheets (damaged or defective); a fourth sheet (covering 1378-1502) is missing;-

No. 27. Bull of Pope Alexander (?III), confirming property to the leper hospital of St Mary Magdalen, Newcastle; ?12th century. Lacks leaden bulla. Printed by Brand, I (1789), 425-6, note f;-

No. 28. Grant of an indulgence by twelve foreign bishops to persons attending the church of St Nicholas, Newcastle, 1359. Seals defective or missing. Printed by Brand, ibid., 244-5, note h;-

No. 40. Ordinance of the Newcastle Barber-Chirurgeons with Chandlers relating to the Corpus Christi procession and play; copy, c. 1616 (of the original of 1442). Summary in Brand, II (1789), 341;-

Nos. 41, 42. Deeds relating to Elsdon and Ulgham, Northumberland, the latter with small seal and signature of Lord William Howard of Naworth; 1622, 1631;-

No. 43. Miscellaneous MS notes and printed material, including an advertisement (imperfect) by Adam Nuttall of Long Acre for his fire engines, with an illustration of the machines, 1751, and a Table (1797) of ancient pound weights (no. 5 of a series) by George Fair; 17th-18th century;-

No. 44. Ordinance of James I defining the powers of the Newcastle Corporation; copy, c. 1700.
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