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'Royal & Noble Bastardy Curious Notabilia of Nobility..'

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'Royal & Noble Bastardy Curious Notabilia of Nobility..'
19th century
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Notebook containing notes and articles on bastardy mostly in the hand of Thomas Christopher Banks, genealogist (d. 1854; see DNB; F. Boase, Modern English Biography (reprint, 1965), 152-3); 1814, 1837-8, etc. Includes laid-down cuttings of most of a series of articles on bastardy by T. C. Banks, published in The Satirist, 12 March 1837-24 June 1838; the wording in some cases is based on the drafts in BAS/001. Many marginal annotations. At the end of the volume note and correspondence of T. C. Banks, 1814, including letters to him from Ferdinand Smyth Stuart, William Skyrme and William Perry. On the back cover a print, in blue, late 19th century, of 'A Mandarins visit of ceremony'.
Banks, Thomas Christopher (1765-1854), lawyer and genealogist
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