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16th-20th century
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Extent and format
Paper; ff. 76, 36, pp. 100 imperfect, 63 imperfect.
Russet spine, corners missing, with marbled boards (similar to BAR/002); now split at the four constituent parts. In a red box.
Scope and content
Four collections of pedigrees, mostly in the hand of Nicholas Charles (Lancaster Herald, 1609-13), whose signature with the words 'by me' can be read under the deletion on a fragment laid down on fol. 1 of the first collection; before 1613, with later additions. Arms in trick. The four collections have separate foliations or paginations and may have been separate items before the present binding. As follows:- (1) Royal pedigree, William the Conqueror to the children of James I, with a later extension to Charles II, fols. lv-2. Other pedigrees include Sir William Dethick 'alias Derrick now called Garter' (resigned 1606), fol. 7; descent of Dr John Dee from Cadwallader, fols. 7v-8v; section written by William Smyth (Smith), Rouge Dragon 1597 (fols. 11v-13, 14v-19), with coloured arms of many leading families, ending with Barons Cobham and an inscription, fol. 19, 'Complementum Armoriale Willelmi Brooke.. Baronis de Cobham superstes in Anno..' (1577). A note on Sir Robert Cotton added to fol. 64v. Letter reference 'S' on fol. 2. Index, fol. 76;- (2) Pedigrees beginning with Knightly, ending with Astley. Pedigree of Jacobus Verzelinus 'Nobilis Venetus nunc Anglus 1603', fol. 26. Letter reference 'N' on fol. 1. Index, fol. 36;- (3) Begins imperfectly with Tattershall, ends Brailsford. Letter reference 'F' on the first extant leaf. Later additions to 1632, etc. Index, pp. 99, 100;- (4) Begins imperfectly with Underhill, ends with Welsh pedigrees (descent of Hawisia de Powes). Index F-Z, pp. 60-2. Ownership note of Theodore Maurice of Kenvise (?), Denbighshire (?), 1690, p. 63.
Barron, Arthur Oswald (1868-1939), author and antiquary
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Due to conservation requirements this manuscript is not currently available.