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Notebooks or small folders of notes

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Notebooks or small folders of notes
c. 1830 - c. 1865
Level of description
Extent and format
Octavo, etc. Leather binding, brown (nos. 1-4); half leather binding, various colours, with marbled boards (nos. 19-31, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40); re-used brown leather (no. 32); black leather folder (no. 39); green cloth folder and slipcase (no. 41); the remainder home-made folders.
Scope and content
Numbered 1-41. Arranged mainly by subjects but there is some stray material. Many include letters, drawings and other items (a shilling relating to a bet in no. 10); no. 8 includes letters relating to recent finds. See also notebooks in VII below:-

Nos. 1-4. Archaic glossary. Probably relating to Way's edition of the Promptorium Parvulorum (Camden Soc., 25 (1843), 54 (1851), 89 (1865);-

No. 5. Sepulchral symbols;-

No. 6. Sepulchral monuments and church notes. Includes a franked letter from William Salt to John Forster, 1835;-

No. 7. Early-British and Roman-British antiquities;-

No. 8. Early-British gold ornaments;-

No. 9. Decorative pavements and tiles;-

No. 10. Armour;-

No. 11. Church notes;-

No. 12. Sepulchral brasses;-

No. 13. Foreign monuments;-

No. 14. Shropshire. Abbeys and priories;-

No. 15. Celts and celt moulds;-

No. 16. Metalwork, decorative arts, etc.;-

No. 17. Symbolism and hagiography;-

No. 18. Glossarial;-

Nos. 19-31. Detailed descriptions of the coinage, etc., of Italy (19); mostly England and Europe, medals (20); Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland (21); Germany (22); France, Spain, Portugal (23); Naples, Sicily, Malta, Ragusa, Transylvania (24); Germany (25); United Provinces, Netherlands (26); United Provinces, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland (27); Great Britain, Colonies (28); Austria, Germany (29); America, North and South, Barbary States, Turkey (30); France (31). See also no. 38;-

No. 32. SA business including notes on exhibits, donations, extracts from minutes conc. coins and medals, portraits, with letters to Way from J. G. Nichols;-

No. 33. Metalwork, ecclesiastical vestments, furnishings, prehistory;-

No. 34. Mail armour. With a few extracts relating to paintings in St Stephen's chapel, Westminster;-

No. 35. Inventory of SA seal impressions, compiled while Way was Director. Apparently found by Way in 1872 when he was sorting out papers at Somerset House (see letter to C. S. Perceval, Director SA, 1872, prefixed);-

No. 36. Church notes;-

No. 37. Inventory of impressions of Irish seals;-

No. 38. Switzerland. Coins. See also nos. 19-31 above;-

No. 39. Church notes;-

No. 40. Abbeys and priories;-

No. 41. Antiquities of Malvern, notes and correspondence, 1849-63.
Way, Albert (1805-1874), antiquary
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