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William Stukeley. Drafts for a second Itinerarium Curiosum

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William Stukeley. Drafts for a second Itinerarium Curiosum
18th century
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Paper. Quarto. Unbound sections and loose papers in a black slipcase.
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Drafts by Stukeley intended for a second volume of his Itinerarium Curiosum (one volume published in 1724). Apparently part of the 'loose papers' referred to in the advertisement at the front of the second posthumous edition of the Itinerarium (two volumes, 1776). The papers include two MS titlepages, with drafts conc. both topics:- (a) 'Itinerarivm Cvriosvm.. Centvria II being a Translation of Richardi de Cirencester.. Printed for the Author MDCCL', relating to Stukeley's work on the spurious itinerary and map attributed to Richard of Cirencester (a forgery by Charles Julius Bertram), first published by Stukeley in 1757. Stukeley gave several communications conc. Bertram's MS between 28 Nov. 1754-8 Apr. 1756, cf. Minute Book VII, fols. 156v, 254v, 260;- (b) 'Itinerarivm Cvriosvm Vol. II. Or Discourses on the first Peopling of Brittan, of the Drvids.. Centvria II'; with a subtitle 'Origines Britanicae March 1760'. Stukeley read dissertations on the antiquity, descent and religion of British Druids, 3, 31 March, 12 May 1757. Minute Book VIII, fols. 9v-10, 13v-14, 21v. Only a small proportion of these papers was published in the 1776 edition of the Itinerarium. Evans (1956), 75.
Stukeley, William (1687-1765), Anglican clergyman, physician, antiquary and archaeologist
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