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Jacob Schnebbelie. Correspondence

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Jacob Schnebbelie. Correspondence
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Paper; ff. lxi + 192. Folio. Half cloth, black, with marbled boards.
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Letters from and to Mr. Jacob Schnebbelie..' Correspondence of Jacob Schnebbelie (1760-92) conc. his work as draughtsman for SA, 1787-91, with Richard Gough, Director SA, with a few letters to John Nichols, FSA, printer to SA, and correspondence of SA with Schnebbelie's widow, 1792-1800. Included are instructions to Schnebbelie and reports by him conc. his journeys and work at many locations including:- Canterbury (fols. 4-14, 18, 68-9); Winchester (fols. 33-6, 42, 54, 63-4, 75, 85); Salisbury (fols. 42, 58, 61, 81, 84-91, 95, 107, 112-13, 155); Northamptonshire (fols. 74, 79-83, 94, 97, 131); Cambridge, Norfolk, etc. (fols. 123-30); Leicestershire (fol. 153). Some of Schnebbelie's sketches on these journeys are preserved in SAL/MS/263 (e.g. the Hungerford chapel and former ceiling of the choir in Salisbury Cathedral). There are many references to Schnebbelie's work in London, particularly at Westminster Abbey (fols. 3, 25-8v, 31-2, 113, 115-17, 119-20, 147); and at the British Museum (fols. 58, 99-101, 105, 109). Some correspondence relates to Schnebbelie's Antiquaries Museum (1791) (fols. 1, 37, 46, 104, 135, 137-42, 144, 167, 174). A few letters to Schnebbelie from other correspondents are included, e.g. Thomas Astle (fols. 51, 77). Proof of an obituary of Schnebbelie (Gent. Mag., 62 (1792), 189-90), fol. 157. Engraving of Schnebbelie's last drawing, the exterior of the church at Coleorton, Leics. (published by Nichols in memory of Schnebbelie in an additional number of the Antiquaries Museum), fol. 158. Engravings by Schnebbelie of six trees, fols. 159-66. Correspondence, 1792-1800, of SA with or conc. Schnebbelie's widow, Carolina Schnebbelie, and children, and a subscription arranged by SA for their support, fols. 156, 168-92. Inserted (fols. iv-lxi verso) a copy of the Biographical Anecdotes of Richard Gough, 1810, from J. Nichols, Literary Anecdotes, VI (1812), 262-343 (pp. 293-4, 321-2, 636, refer to Schnebbelie). A tribute to Schnebbelie, 22 March 1792, is in Minute Book XXIV, pp. 248-9; see also a draft by Gough in Ants. Papers/Joan Evans Box) for the petition from his widow see Minute Book XXIV, 24 May 1792, p. 284, and Council Minutes, 19 May 1792. A letter (fragment in Ants. Papers/Joan Evans Box) from the Rev. John Milner to Gough, Winchester, 18 Aug. (1789), mentions meeting Schnebbelie who was about to go to Salisbury. See also the calendar of the Schnebbelie correspondence by Dr Pamela Tudor-Craig in SAL; Evans (1956), 191, 207; SAL/MSS/263, 796.
Gough, Richard (1735-1809), antiquary
Schnebbelie, Jacob (1760-1792), topographical draughtsman
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