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Society of Antiquaries. Minute Book

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Society of Antiquaries. Minute Book
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Paper; ff. iii + 75 + i. Folio. Reversed calf, blind-tooled.
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Minute Book of the Antiquarian Society London. 1718. January’ Title (fol. 1), with the signature and motto of Dr William Stukeley, co-founder and first secretary SA; 1718-24, with later additions. Almost entirely in Stukeley's hand. The contents relate mainly to collections or discoveries of antiquities. Many pen, or pen and wash illustrations inserted. This volume is variously described in the minutes as 'our great Folio drawing book' (Minute Book I, 16 May 1722, p. 62) or 'old Drawing Book' (Minute Book II, 24 March 1736/7, p. 291). Several items are transcribed, sometimes with additional information, into SAL/MS/264. Contents (Stukeley's headings are quoted):- (1) 'January 1718. Roman Antiquitys' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fols. 87-8v). fol. 1r, v;- (2) 'Antient Pictures of the Kings of England' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 66). fol. 2;- (3) 'Monumental Inscriptions' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 23). fols. 3-4v;- (4) 'Painted Glass' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 122). fol. 5;- (5) 'At St Leonards Hill', with pen drawings (cf. SAL/MS/264, fols. 7-9v). fols. 5v-7;- (6) 'Original Pictures' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 67r, v). fols. 8-9;- (7) 'Obits of Famous Men', to 1722 by Stukeley, continued, 1726-35, by other hands, fol. 9v;- (8) 'Manuscripts' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 10, a longer list). fol. 10;- (9) 'Religious Reliques' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 35). fol. 10v;- (10) Drawing of a key, with inscription, and note by Mr Warkhouse. fol. 11r, v;- (11) Comparative measurements of St Peter's, Rome, and St Paul's, London, fol. 12r;- (12) 'Religious Remains' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 35). fol. 12v;- (13) 'Roman Pavements in Mosaick'. fol. 13r;- (14) 'Inscriptions Civil Saxon' and 'Inscriptions Civil Saxon-French' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 86). fol. 14r, v;- (15) 'Monumental Inscriptions Roman'. fol. 15r, v;- (16) 'Plates of Famous Men in whose Possession'. fol. 16;- (17) 'Roman Bricks' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 8). fol. 17r;- (18) 'Greek Coyns'. fol. 17v;- (19) 'Brittish Coyns'. fol. 18r;- (20) 'Saxon Antiquitys'. 1718. January Coins. fol. 18v;- (21) 'English Antiquitys' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 144r, v). fol. 19r, v;- (22) Account of a coffin found at Barking, Essex, 10 Oct. 1724 (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 35). fol. 20;- (23) 'Antiquitys Roman' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 9r, v). fol. 20v;- (24) 'Roman Temples' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 87v). fol. 21;- (25) Drawing of 'a brass Faunus Mr Geo. Holmes'. fol. 21v;- (26) 'Roman Antiquitys' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fols. 8r, v, 88). fol. 22;- (27) 'Old English Seals' and 'Seals' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 58r, v).fols. 22v-3;- (28) 'Roman Coyn' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 87v). fol. 23v;- (29) 'Observations upon Richard II Picture in Westmr. Abby by Roger Gale Esqr.' 10 Dec. 1718 (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 65v). Minute Book I, p. 17. fol. 24v;- (30) 'English Pictures', note relating to the Van Eycks (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 66). fol. 25r;- (31) 'Monumental Inscriptions English' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 23). fol. 25v;- (32) 'Roman Antiquitys brought into England' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 9v). fol. 26v;- (33) 'Greek Antiquitys brought into England'. fol. 27;- (34) 'Topical Words'. fol. 27v;- (35) 'Physick'. Notes on doctors (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 55). fol. 28r;- (36) 'Monumental Inscriptions Danish' and 'Danish Antiquitys'. fols. 28v-9;- (37) 'English Views taken by Hollar' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 92). fols. 29v-30;- (38) 'Celtic Antiquitys' (cf. index to SAL/MS/264, but the original folio 19 is missing). fols. 30v-1;- (39) 'Aegyptian Antiquitys in England' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 73r, v). fols. 31v-2;- (40) 'Catalogue of Pictures at Warwick communicated by Mr Samuel Gale Easter 1720' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 68). fol. 32v;- (41) 'Pictures', at Lord Montague's seat at Cowdray. fols. 33-4r;- (42) Inscription on an English cannon, and other notes on guns (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 23v). fols. 34v-5;- (43) 'A Catalogue of our Collection of Prints for Stows Survey of London'. fol. 35v;- (44) 'Gigantic'. Note on an elephant's tooth. fol. 36v;- (45) 'English Drawings' 'In a Book, drawn Summer 1721, by W. Stukeley'. fols. 37v-9;- (46) 'The Roman Amphitheatre at Dorchester', with other notes on possible Roman remains and a plan of Borough Castle near Yarmouth (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 8). fols. 40-1r;- (47) 'English'. fols. 41v-2;- (48) 'Subterranean'. Note on canoes found in the Medway, c. 1720. fol. 42v;- (49) 'Inscriptions Modern' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 31). fol. 43v;- (50) 'Runic'. Brief note. fol. 44v;- (51) 'Pictish'. Note by Jo. Strachey, 1722. fols. 45v-6;- (52) 'English Drawings Summer 1722. Wm: Stukeley'. fols. 46v-7;- (53) 'Roman Antiquitys in Brittain'. fol. 47v;- (54) Domesday Book (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 16). fol. 48v;- (55) 'Roman Monumental Inscriptions' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 27). fol. 49r;- (56) 'Roman Molds for Coyn'. fol. 49v;- (57) 'Inventions' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 132). fol. 50v;- (58) 'Greek Antiquitys brought into England' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 20). fol. 51v;- (59) 'English Inscriptions' (cf. SAL/MS/264, fol. 23v). fol. 52v;- (60) 'Notorious Destroyers of Antiquitys'. Relates to Thomas Robinson of Avebury who boasted that he had 'killd 40 of those stones'. fol. 53v;- (61) 'French Inscriptions'. fol. 54v;- (62) An account of spear and axe heads found at Arreton Down, Isle of Wight, communicated by Peter Collinson, FSA, with drawings by Charles Frederick, Director SA (Minute Book II, 17, 24 March 1736/7, pp. 285-7, 291). See A.J., 66 (1986), 9-28. fols. 55v-6v. At the end of the volume, reversed:- Label, decorated with pen drawings of antique vases, medals, etc., 'SOCIETY of Antiquarys London 1718', fol. i; full-page pen and wash drawing, with motto 'Concordia res parvae crescunt' (see Evans (1956), 61, p1. VII); copy of the earliest minutes, 5 Feb. 1717/18-20 Dec. 1721 (see Evans (1956), 61), fols. 74, 70v-57; copy of the original rules, 1 Jan. 1718, with Articles I-X (cf. SAL/MS/264, fols. 1-2) and signatures of founder members, fols. 73-1; 'Printed Works of the Society', fol. 57v.
Stukeley, William (1687-1765), Anglican clergyman, physician, antiquary and archaeologist
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