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Society of Antiquaries. 'Register Book of the Society of Antiquarys of London’

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Society of Antiquaries. 'Register Book of the Society of Antiquarys of London’
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ff. iii + 180. Folio.
Half leather binding, brown, with marbled boards.
Scope and content
Register Book of the Society of Antiquarys of London November 1st 1740 Alexr. Gordon, Secretry' (fol. iii). Transcripts of papers mostly by Fellows read or submitted to SA when Alexander Gordon was secretary (1735-41), with later additions; 1735-53. With pen and wash illustrations.

Items (1)-(37) are mostly in the hand of Alexander Gordon; items (38)-(64) are entered by Joseph Ames, Acting Sec. SA (1741-59). There are frequent references to this register in Minute Books II-IV; Minute Book III, pp. 305-6, lists some of the items transcribed into it. See also Evans (1956), 85. The contents were later transcribed by or for Joseph Ames into MSS/0264/B, to which cross references are given below.


(1) Account of the great pagoda on the island of Salsette, near Goa, communicated by Smart Lethieullier, FSA, 26 Apr. 1727 (Minute Book I, p. 209); this copy dated 19 June 1735 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 1-3). Annotated that read to SA 17 Feb., 1 June 1780. Archaeologia, 7 (1785), 333-6. fols. 1-2v;-

(2) Letter of Dr Christopher Hunter of Durham to Roger Gale, VPSA, 17 May 1735, conc. a Roman station near South Shields, and two inscriptions found at Lanchester, Durham, with Gale's observations on the latter (MSS/0264/B, pp. 4-9). Read 19 June 1735. Minute Book II, pp. 84-7. The references added by a later hand to Phil. Trans., nos. 474 (1744), 482 (1747), relate to other inscriptions copied by Dr Hunter. fols. 3-5v;-

(3) Copy of the charter granted by Henry II to the Company of Weavers of London (MSS/0264/B, p. 10). See F. Consitt, The London Weavers' Company (1933), App. 2. fol. 6;-

(4) Account of the granite pillar erected by Thomas, 8th Earl of Pembroke, in the centre of the great court at Wilton, communicated by Charles Frederick, Director SA, 26 June 1735 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 11-12). Minute Book II, p. 89. The obelisk was acquired in Rome by John Evelyn for the Earl of Arundel. See the etching in C. Creed, Antiquities at Wilton (1730). fols. 6v-7;-

(5) Letter of Benjamin Radcliffe, FSA, to SA, 8 Jan. 1735/6, conc. the bones of a large animal dug up in Pall Mall by workmen and similar bones found nearby (MSS/0264/B, p. 13). Minute Book II, p. 132. fol. 8r, v;-

(6) Inscription on a marble in the museum of Sir Hans Sloane, with observations by Roger Gale (MSS/0264/B, pp. 14-19). Read 18 Dec. 1735. Minute Book II, p. 128. Printed, with a plate, in Phil. Trans., no. 441, p. 211 (1736). fols. 9-11v;-

(7) Extract from a letter of Smart Lethieullier to Roger Gale conc. Roman roads in Wiltshire, communicated by the latter (MSS/0264/B, pp. 20-4). Minute Book II, 27 Nov. 1735, p. 119. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 56-9. fols. 12v-15 (tipped on fol. 15v, a Latin inscription, also in MSS/0264/B, p. 24);-

(8) Letter of Richard de Marisco, Bishop of Durham, reproving Ralph Nevill, Dean of Lichfield, for omitting his title of chancellor in a recent letter, exhibited by George Holmes, VPSA, 22 May 1735 (MSS/0264/B, p. 25). Minute Book II, p. 76. fol. 16r, v;-

(9) Account of the battles of Trebia and Trasimene with an account of the Punic war in Trebia, from classical sources, by Walter Bowman, FSA (MSS/0264/B, pp. 26-62). Minute Book II, 22 Jan. 1735/6, p. 140. fols. 17-33v;-

(10) Account of the first year of the second Punic war in Italy, by the same (MSS/0264/B, pp. 63-81). Minute Book II, 5 Feb. 1735/6, pp. 143-4. fols. 35-44v;-

(11) 'Some Measures of the Trajan and Antonine Pillars at Rome', by Martin Folkes, PSA 1750 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 82-7). Read 1 May 1735 and 5 Feb. 1735/6. Minute Book II, pp. 69, 144. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 117-21. fols. 45-7;-

12) Account of the course of Ermine Street through Northamptonshire, and of a Roman burial site in Barnack, by Charles Frederick (MSS/0264/B, pp. 88-90). Minute Book II, 11 March 1735/6, p. 162. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 61-2. fol. 49r, v;-

(13) Account of a Roman pavement at Well near Bedale, North Riding, Yorks., by Smart Lethieullier (MSS/0264/B, pp. 91-2). Minute Book II, 12 Feb. 1735/6, pp. 148-9. fol. 51r, v;-

(14) Introduction by Francis Drake, FSA, to the MS discourse on heraldic seals by John Anstis, the elder, Garter ('Aspilogia sive de Iconibus Scutariis'; now BL, Stowe SAL/MSS/665, 666), then on loan to Drake (MSS/0264/B, pp. 93-100). Read 5, 12 Feb. 1735/6. Minute Book II, pp. 145, 147-8. fols. 53-6;-

(15) Observations on the bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius at the Capitol in Rome, occasioned by a small model of the same exhibited to SA by Martin Folkes (MSS/0264/B, pp. 101-7). Read 7 Apr. 1736. Minute Book II, pp. 166-7. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 122-7. fols. 57-60;-

(16) Inscription to Lucius Aurelius Verus found during repairs to Narbonne cathedral, by Walter Bowman who saw it in July 1732 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 108-12). Read 26 Feb. 1735/6. Minute Book II, pp. 155-6. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 109-12. fols. 61-3v;-

(17) An intaglio of Antinous under the figure of Mercury upon a cornelian in the Strozzi collection at Rome, by Walter Bowman (MSS/0264/B, pp. 113-18). Read 19 Feb. 1735/6. Minute Book II, p. 152. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 112-17. fols. 64-6v;-

(18) Letter of Smart Lethieullier to Roger Gale, 8 Nov. 1736, conc. the shrines of St Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, and of St Hugh, the boy saint (MSS/0264/B, pp. 119-23). Read 11 Nov. 1736. Minute Book II, p. 239. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 26-9. fols. 68-70v;-

(19) 'Lapis Maltadensis'. Transcription and translation of a runic inscription on the Malsta stone in Rogsta, Hälsingland, Sweden (S. Jansson, The Runes of Sweden (1962), 79-80), by Prof. Anders Celsius, Hon. FSA (MSS/0264/B, p. 309). Minute Book II, 29 Jan. 1735/6, p. 142. Phil. Trans., no. 445, p. 7 (1737). fol. 72;-

(20) List of sulphur casts of antique cameos, intaglios, medals and gems in the cabinets of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Prince Eugene and others, made by Baron Stosch of Florence, exhibited to SA by Dr Andrew Ducarel, FSA, 6 Oct. 1737 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 124-37). Minute Book III, p. 49. A list of contents of cards of casts, under headings A-I, amounting to 477 items in all. For the Stosch collection see I. Jenkins, K. Sloan, Vases and Volcanoes: Sir William Hamilton and his collection (British Museum, 1996), 94-5. fols. 74-81;-

(21) Description by Mr Nicholas (?William Nicholas, FSA) of Trajan's rock on the right bank of the Danube (in the defile of Kazan, above Orsova, opposite Ogradina) and its inscription, with reference to a published drawing and to the account in Count Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli, Danubius Panonico-Mysicus (1726) (MSS/0264/B, pp. 138-41). Read 24 March 1736/7. Minute Book II, p. 289. fols. 83-4v (with a loose page containing a drawing of an inscribed stone);-

(22) Transcript of an extract given by Browne Willis, 7 July 1737, from an inventory of religious houses, 1540, in the Augmentation Office, with valuations of grave stones, bells, etc. (MSS/0264/B, pp. 142-3). Minute Book III, pp. 28-9. fol. 85r, v;-

(23) Observations upon an ancient Roman inscription found in Bath, by William Bowyer, FSA (MSS/0264/B, pp. 144-53). fols. 87-90v;-

(24) Contents of a MS book of Joseph Ames conc. coins and coinage, shown to SA, 1 Feb. 1738/9 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 154-61). Minute Book III, p. 191. fols. 93-5;-

(25) Dissertation by Samuel Gale on Julius Caesar's passage over the Thames (MSS/0264/B, pp. 162-70). Read 9 Jan. 1734/5. Minute Book II, p. 55. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 183-9. fols. 97-100v;-

(26) Description of a frieze in the chapel of Roslin, near Edinburgh, sent to SA by Sir John Clarke (Clerk), 2nd Bt., Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland (MSS/0264/B, p. 171). Minute Book III, 19 Apr. 1739, p. 211. fol. 101;-

(27) Remainder of a discourse upon the inscription to Antoninus Pius found at Nîmes, by Alexander Gordon (MSS/0264/B, pp. 172-83). cf. Minute Book III, 11 Oct. 1739, pp. 235-41 (the first part?). fols. 102-5v;-

(28) Letter conc. ancient monuments on Minorca called heathen altars from Dr Cleghorn, 10 Apr. 1739, to a friend of Mr Collison (Peter Collinson, FSA), who communicated it, 6 Dec. 1739 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 184-7). Minute Book III, p. 254. fols. 106-7;-

(29) Extract from a letter of Maurice Johnson, FSA, as Sec. of the Spalding Gentlemen's Society, to William Bogdani, Acting Director SA, 24 Nov. 1739, conc. discoveries at Nîmes, etc. (MSS/0264/B, pp. 188-91). fols. 107v-8v;-

(30) Letter of Dr John Ward to Martin Folkes, conc. an ancient Roman inscription found at Chichester (MSS/0264/B, pp. 192-4). Minute Book IV, 30 Oct. 1740, p. 26. Not the same inscription as Phil. Trans., no. 379. p. 391 (1723). fols. 109v-10v;-

(31) Letter of Edward Collins to Browne Willis, 6 Sept. 1740, conc. two ancient monuments in Cornwall (the Doniert stone and a stone from the ruins of Camborne parsonage), with drawings (MSS/0264/B, pp. 195-7). Minute Book IV, 4 Dec. 1740, p. 34. fols. 111-12;-

(32) Original drawing of a Roman altar found at Netherby, Cumberland, presented by Richard Gilpin, Recorder of Carlisle, and drawings of two brass Roman sympula in his possession (MSS/0264/B, pp. 197-8). Minute Book IV, 4 Dec. 1740, pp. 35-6. fol. 112r, v;-

(33) Observations by George Vertue, FSA, on the large prospect view of London from Southwark by Hollar (MSS/0264/B, pp. 199-201). Read 19 March 1740/1. Minute Book IV, pp. 62-3. fols. 113-14;-

(34) Letter of Maurice Johnson to George Lynn, junior, including extracts from minutes of Spalding Gentlemen's Society mainly conc. coins (MSS/0264/B, pp. 202-4). fols. 114v-15;-

(35) Remarks on the beginning of the Irish rebellion in Ulster, 1641, by Walter Bowman, with an account, dated Lisnagarvy (Lisburn), 28 Nov. 1641, of the victory there that day over the Irish (MSS/0264/B, pp. 205-20). Minute Book IV, 1 Jan. 1740/1, 25 June 1741, pp. 43, 76. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 96-108. fols. 115-22v;-

(36) Account of the monument of Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey, by George Vertue, 1736 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 221-9), with a sketch by Vertue of the Westminster retable. Minute Book IV, 30 July 1741, p. 80. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 32-9; ibid., 109 (1991), 102, 108 n. 10, pl. XXVII(a). fols. 123-7;-

(37) Letter of Maurice Johnson to Robert New, FSA, conc, the registers of the bishops of Lincoln (MSS/0264/B, pp. 230-1). Read 16 July 1741. Minute Book IV, p. 77. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 30. fols. 127v-8;-

(38) Copy of the letter of Charles II to Sultan Mahomet, 5 June 1666, in the possession of John Nickolls, and exhibited by him, 1 Oct. 1741 (MSS/0264/B, p. 232). Minute Book IV, fol. 86. Annotated (in MSS/0264/B) 'penes J. Ames 1747'. See E. Tappée, Slavonic Review, 28 (1949-50), 406-24; letter printed in App. VIII. fol. 128v;-

(39) Transcription of Latin inscriptions on a marble in the collection of Lord Exeter at Burghley House, communicated by William Bowyer, 5 Nov. 1741 (MSS/0264/B, p. 307). Minute Book IV, fol. 88. fol. 129;-

(40) Roman sepulchral monuments at the Mainz gate in the city wall of Worms, from a sketch sent by Captain (Maurice) Johnson (son of Maurice Johnson) to the Spalding Gentlemen's Society, 27 Aug. 1743, with a note by Maurice Johnson, senior (MSS/0264/B, p. 311). Minute Book IV, 24 Nov. 1743, fol. 179. fol. 129v;-

(41) Enquiry into the antiquity of an ancient map of London and Westminster, in six sheets (the Agas map, engraved by George Vertue for SA, 1737), and account of old prints of Sir Thomas Gresham's Royal Exchange (in SA collections) by Dr John Ward (MSS/0264/B, pp. 233-6). Minute Book IV, 15 July 1742, fol. 121. fols. 130-2;-

(42) Extract from a letter of Maurice Johnson to William Bogdani, 7 Oct. 1741, conc. an unusual burial found in Lincoln cathedral (in leather hide; WIL/04 contains a sample of haircloth found in a coffin at Lincoln, 1842) (MSS/0264/B, pp. 237-8). Minute Book IV, 15 Oct. 1741, fol. 86. Partly printed in Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 31. fols. 132v-3v;-

(43) Letter of G. Pigott, South Carolina, to the Earl of Berkshire, 15 Oct. 1741, conc. a deathbed confession of John Davis, alias John Dixwell, that he had executed Charles I. Communicated by the Rev. Charles Lyttelton (MSS/0264/B, pp. 239-240). Minute Book IV, 22 July 1742, fol. 122. Followed, fol. 134*, by an additional note, 16 Nov. 1752, taken from a MS in the hand of the Earl of Leicester (Robert Sydney, 2nd Earl), in the possession of Mr Perry of Penshurst, Kent, giving further suggestions as to the identity of the executioner, fols. 134-134*;-

(44) Transcript of a marriage contract, temp. Richard I, exhibited by Joshua Blew, FSA, 14 Apr. 1743 (MSS/0264/B, p. 241). Minute Book IV, fol. 156. fol. 134* v;-

(45) Letter of John Talman, FSA, Florence, 2 March 1709/10, to the Dean of Christ Church (Henry Aldrich; d. 1710), conc. sixteen volumes of Italian drawings from the collection of Monsignor Marchetti, Bishop of Arezzo (Giovanni Matteo Marchetti; d. 1704), about to be sold by his nephew, communicated by James West, 20 Oct. 1743 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 242-8). Minute Book IV, fol. 170. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 130-5. fols. 135v-8v;-

(46) Extracts from churchwardens' accounts of St Helen's, Abingdon, Berks., 1 Philip and Mary-34 Eliz., from the original in the possession of the Rev. George Benson, with observations by Dr John Ward (MSS/0264/B, pp. 249-59). Minute Book IV, 24 Nov. 1743, fol. 179. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 11-23, fols. 139-44v;-

(47) List of seals engraved for the government by John Rollos (Chief Engraver of Signets and Seals, 1726), temp. Geo. 1-1741, communicated by George Vertue, 12 Jan. 1743/4 (MSS/0264/B, p. 260). Minute Book IV, fol. 186. fol. 145;-

(48) The manor and jurisdiction of Spalding, by Maurice Johnson, steward of the manor of Spalding and Crowland, 31 Jan. 1743/4 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 261-2). Minute Book IV, 9 Feb. 1743/4, fol. 189. fols. 145v-6v;-

(49) Copy by Ames, 1744, of John Evelyn's plan, 11 Sept. 1666, for the rebuilding of London, with a transcript of Evelyn's commentary (MSS/0264/B, pp. 263-77, includes the original drawing by Evelyn). Minute Book IV, 7, 14, 21 June 1744, fols. 198-9. fols. 147-53v;-

(50) Extract from a letter of Dr Tovey, Principal of New Inn Hall, Oxford, to Dr Richard Rawlinson, 18 June 1744, conc. a relief possibly derived from Ovid's Fasti on a Roman brick found in Mark Lane about seventy years previously (MSS/0264/B, pp. 278-9). Minute Book IV, 12 July 1744, fol. 201. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 139. fol. 154;-

(51) Dissertation on the ancient ports of Richborough and Sandwich, communicated by the Rev. John Lewis, 11 Oct. 1744 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 280-4). Minute Book IV, fol. 205. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 79-83. fols. 155-6v;-

(52) Minutes taken by George Vertue conc. London Bridge (MSS/0264/B, pp. 285-6). Minute Book IV, 11 Oct. 1744, fol. 205. fol. 157r, v;-

(53) Remarks by Joseph Ames, 12 Dec. 1745, on a silver medal struck, 1740, to commemorate Laurence Coster of Haarlem, shown to SA by Dr R. Rawlinson, 5 Dec. 1745 (see further MSS/0264/B, pp. 287-8). Minute Book V, p. 45. With a reference to J. Bagford's essay on printing in Phil. Trans., no. 310 (1707). fol. 158r, v;-

(54) Copy of a note found in a printed book conc. the execution of Charles 1, communicated by James West, 30 Jan. 1745/6 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 289-90). Minute Book V, p. 51. Relates to the confession of Richard Brandon, derived from a printed pamphlet of 1649. fol. 159r, v;-

(55) Letter of Smart Lethieullier to George Vertue, 18 March 1745/6, conc. antiquities in Bordeaux (MSS/0264/B, pp. 291-7). Minute Book V, 27 March 1746, p. 66. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 75-8. fols. 160-2v;-

(56) Extracts from two letters of Smart Lethieullier to the Rev. Charles Lyttelton, 27 Sept., 13 Nov. 1746, conc. a Roman pavement and burial site discovered in Wanstead Park, Essex (MSS/0264/B, pp. 298-302). Minute Book V, 27 Nov. 1746, p. 105. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 73-5. fols. 163-4v;-

(57) Remarks on coins in the Cotton collection in the charge of David Casley, still remaining in the dormitory at Westminster, with a list of the most notable, by Martin Folkes (MSS/0264/B, pp. 303-6). Minute Book V, 21 May 1747, p. 136. fols. 165-6;-

(58) Account by William Lambarde, 20 Mar. 1572, of the order of the Maundy made at Greenwich, 19 March 1572 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 323-4). Communicated by Edward Umfreville, 16 March 1749. Minute Book V, p. 221. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 7-9. fols. 166v-7;-

(59) Discourse on beacons, with drawings, by Dr John Ward (MSS/0264/B, pp. 325-30). Minute Book V, 13 Apr. 1749, p. 228. Archaeologia, 1 (1770), 1-7. fols. 167v-70;-

(60) Excerpt from Letters Patent of Edward III conc. an Exchequer payment to Simon Goldsmith for wool, 14 June 1339. From Dr Rawlinson's collection. Minute Book V, 1 June 1749, p. 236. fol. 170v;-

(61) Letter of Samuel Stubbs of Lichfield to Mr Richardson, 6 Aug. 1750, conc. Richard Swisset, the mathematician (MSS/0264/B, pp. 331-2). Minute Book VI, 20 Dec. 1750, p. 67. fol. 171r, v;-

(62) Letter of Smart Lethieullier to the Rev. Charles Lyttelton, 21 Jan. 1750/1, conc. Greensted church, near Ongar, Essex (MSS/0264/B, pp. 333-4). Minute Book VI, 24 Jan. 1750/1, pp. 72-3. fol. 172r. v;-

(63) Account of a Roman altar found at York, April 1752, communicated by Francis Drake, with an explanation of the inscription by Dr John Ward, 9 Nov. 1752 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 350-3). Read 7 Dec. 1752. Minute Book VII, fol. 29. Phil. Trans., Vol. XLVIII, item V (1753). fols. 173-5;-

(64) Account of eleven watercolours of Mogul Emperors from Tamerlane, exhibited by Henry Johnson, FSA, 29 March 1753 (MSS/0264/B, pp. 354-5). Minute Book VII, fol. 54. See MSS/0697. fol. 176r, v.

Contents list by Alexander Gordon, continued by Joseph Ames, fols. 177v-80v.
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