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Treatises relating to astronomy and astrology

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Treatises relating to astronomy and astrology
late 15th century
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Treatises relating to astronomy and astrology; late 15th century. As follows:- (1) 'De pluuia et tonitruo'. Owned by John Argentine (d. 1508), Provost of King's College, Cambridge; see Emden, BRUC, 16, for other books owned by him. Another copy is Bodl. Lib., MS Digby 176, fol. 67. fol. 18r, v;- (2) 'Incipit liber de imaginibus secundum thebith' (Thebit ben Corat). For other sources see L. Thorndike, History of Magic, I (1950), 663-6. 'Deo gracias quod Argentyn' (fol. 21; see above). fols. 19-21;- (3) 'Extracta ab aristotile in de secretis secretorum'. fols. 21-3;- (4) 'Opus imaginum secundum consilium ptholomei'. fols. 23-4. Items (2)-(4) are also in Bodl. Lib., MS Ashmole 346, fols. 113-19, written by Thomas Scanlon of King's College. See also L. Thorndike in Mélanges Auguste Pelzer (1947), 233, 256. At the foot of fol. 24 a note relating to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding the birth of Christ, citing Ovid, De vetula (inf. David Pingree);- (5) Table of longitudes at which the 2nd-6th astrological places begin as each degree of the zodiac is in the ascendent. Latitude of locality for which calculated trimmed off (inf. David Pingree). fols. 24v-5;- (6) Tables of fixed stars:- (a) for 1306-15 according to the calculations of Peter of St Omer and John de Lyneriis at the meridian of Paris; (b) For 1333.fol.25v.
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