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‘The Preface of Snorri Sturluson’ and ‘The Story of the Ynglings’

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‘The Preface of Snorri Sturluson’ and ‘The Story of the Ynglings’
c. 1873
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Vellum; pp. vii + 97.
Leather binding, olive green (The Doves Bindery, 1897). M. Tidcombe, The Doves Bindery (1991), 242, is not identical.
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'The Preface of Snorri Sturluson’, pp. i-vii, followed by 'The Story of the Ynglings', pp. 1-97; c. 1873. Prose, with verse additions. Consists of Morris's translations of the Preface and the first section of the Icelandic Heimskringla, with variants from the versions published by Morris in The Saga Library, III (1893), 3-7, 11-73. Calligraphic copy on vellum, with marginal annotations including drawings by Philip Webb (p. 4) and Charles Fairfax Murray (p. 15). See Joseph Dunlap, 'William Morris: Calligrapher' in P. Needham (ed.), William Morris and the Art of the Book (1976), 48-70, particularly pp. 60, 61. KML no. 50. MoW 1536 (preface), 1593 (gives further references).
Morris, William (1834-1896), poet, artist and socialist
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Digitisation of this manuscript was kindly sponsored by Curtis Runnels.
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