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Collection of notebooks

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Collection of notebooks
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Extent and format
Cream exercise book, with London's bookplate.
Scope and content
Reference letters for rolls and tracts; original Camden roll; Dering roll; Powell's roll; Willement's roll; Le Neve's equestrian roll; C. J. Russell drawings from Peter Le Neve's book; Shirley's roll; armorial du héraut Berry, partie inédite; armorial de Jonghe (Egerton MS 1908); grants of arms 1467-1704 (Proc., 2nd ser., 16 (1895-7), 340-56); grants of arms from Oxford, Queen's College MS H39/140 and H38/139 (two notebooks); Dan Gurney's MS; Michael Maclagan's book; Cheshire armory (from a 16th century MS formerly owned by Peter Le Neve and Thomas Martin); notes on College of Arms MS L. 10; 'Repertoire des Armoriaux Français'. Copied from the manuscript of Paul Adam-Even and annotated by London with references to copies in MS, typescript or print in his collection.
London, Hugh Stanford (d 1959), antiquary
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Archival history
Incorporated, 1998.